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Our goal is to provide the finest custom embroidery available to our customers in and around Chicago. We strive to source embroidery blanks of enduring quality so you can enjoy your custom embroidered garments and accessories for a long time! Contact us at HH Embroidery for custom embroidery on your shirts, hats, and other apparel. Whether you need uniforms and hats with company logos or personalized embroidered baby items, our services cover the whole spectrum. We offer the best rates, quality, and variety of anyone around. 

Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing for embroidery is an art form onto itself. Great embroidery starts with a great file. We utilize the best talent in digitizing for an incredible value. A lot of care and consideration goes in to setting up a file for embroidery so you can achieve the best possible outcome on your garments.  As your local embroidery experts we uphold the highest standards. When you order online through a form you never know the quality that will be returned to you. Our thoughtfulness and attention to detail is unmatched! 

 Small but Mighty

A small team with a dedicated focus ensures that your project is the top priority. No job is too small. Whether you want to add your company logo to uniforms or create unique gifts for loved ones, we can do it all.   We are able to offer custom embroidery projects with a personalized approach that larger shops would immediately turn away. We want to make your ideas a reality! 

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Whether you're looking to elevate your brand or add a custom flair to your wardrobe,  Our local embroidery expertise in Chicago can provide a high-quality and creative approach fitting your every need.  

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