Custom Embroidered Converse High Top Sneakers

A potential customer reached out to see if I could embroider on shoes. I had to think about it for a minute because I had never even thought this could be possible but I was determined to figure it out! As one embroidery professional expressed to me: "If you can hoop it you can embroider it!" Now I just had to figure out a way to hoop it! After a small amount of research, I saw that there is a specialty clamp specifically for shoes made for my machine but it was around $1200! OUCH! I did however already own a hoop to embroider on to shirt pockets that fits on the same driver used to embroider on to hats. I thought this might be the right shape to fit those high sides of the sneakers.First I decided to test my theory on a pair of my own shoes with a simple design. The hoop clamp fit perfectly and I was shocked at how well it worked! 

These Converse sneakers already came with some embroidery done by the manufacturer so I worked with the client's design she had in mind to compliment the design of the shoe that was already there. The shoes were for a special graduation event for a teacher and I thought the theme and design came out beautifully in embroidery. 


The client was nice enough to share a picture of her enjoying her custom embroidered shoes at her event! Love it! If you have any fun custom embroidery projects you are interested in completing please reach out to see what we can come up with! Contact us now!