Special Embroidered Handkerchiefs for a Bridal Party

A bride wanted to make her party feel super special with a thoughtful gift of custom embroidered handkerchiefs with their initial monogrammed onto them. I suggested that she find the correct file format online in a design that she liked. There are so many great designs for purchase online already formatted for machine embroidery. This was an economical way to do a project that had 6 different designs over 14 handkerchiefs. Please visit the general pricing page to get an idea of how much embroidery costs and feel free to contact us if you have a unique project that you would like quoted. I used a tacky water-soluble stabilizer that dissolves like magic in water after the embroidery is complete. This is a nice touch so the back of the handkerchief is free of any remaining embroidery backing. Another little extra step I took was using the same top color thread and bobbin color thread for embroidery. It is very unusual to wind your own bobbins for machine embroidery. Typically you buy them prewound and ready for use. I liked the idea of the back of the handkerchiefs matching the front so I decided to wind my own bobbins!These turned out absolutely gorgeous and I hope the members of her bridal party love them!